I know that selling your home requires, above all, an effective presentation of your home to the marketplace. I have the skills we need to do the job and the tools I need to execute effectively. From high-quality photos to careful listing to staging advice to pricing analysis, I will work every step of the way to ensure that your home is attractive to and gets in front of as many buyers as possible searching for homes like yours. Additionally, through Facebook and Craigslist marketing I will work to get your home in front of buyers even before they’re searching to draw them into the market and attract them to your home. You can trust me to give your home only the highest-quality presentation on the market, which will get your home sold for as high a price as possible.


There are always unforeseen circumstances that come up in any listing or transaction. You don’t just need an agent who has all the right answers. I am a innovator who will develop the right answer for your situation to keep your sale moving smoothly. In addition, I place a heavy emphasis on being tech-savvy and I will find creative new ways to get your property in front of prospective buyers. Finally, I am committed to finding the BEST solutions and not just the first one that crosses our mind. I am always evaluating our methods and are not wedded to any pet ideas. I will find the best way to sell your home every time, and I will save you the hassle and effort.


One of the key things our clients are typically looking for in an agent is someone they can count on who is committed to their best interests. My clients have described me as hard-working, attentive, responsive, fiduciaries, not afraid of work, available, politely aggressive, above and beyond, and making it happen (oh, and did I mention hard-working?). I would love to prove to you our commitment to caring for our clients and our commitment to getting you results.



John Bradshaw is a  competent, resourceful, and reliable real estate agent. Based out of the Next Home Advisors brokerage in Cape Coral, I work the entire South West Florida Area

I would love to consult with you, provide you answers about why your home isn’t selling, and get your home back on the market and sold as quickly as possible.


If you still want, or need, to sell your home all is not lost. Make sure you don’t rush into relisting your home the same way as before. Remember, the first 90 days are crucial so make sure the photos, presentation, and pricing are optimal. If possible try to wait 30 days before getting the home back on the market as this gives ample time to fully evaluate what happened last time and allows the days on the market counter to reset.

On a more personal level we understand you are going through a lot of emotions. Anger, fear, doubt, and confusion which can lead us to make bad decisions based solely on how we feel at the time. Give yourself time to breathe, remain calm and levelheaded, then find the information to give you the knowledge to make the best decision moving forward.


Keep a level head.

The last thing you need to do is allow your current emotions to dictate your next decision. Don’t just put your head in the sand. Making a decision solely based on the anger and frustration of the moment can lead to greater frustration in the future.


Get educated.

Knowledge is key! With the right information you can successfully move forward and sell your home. Study the photos that should be taken as this is the first showing of your home. Study the presentation, both how and when your agent should market your home, the staging of your home, and know the price strategy to make sure you do not leave money on the table enabling you to quickly and successfully sell your home


Evaluate your previous listing.

Taking the information at hand here, look at your previous listing and ask “Would I be interested in this home?” based on what you read and see.


Fixed what was wrong.

Don’t give up! You can attain your goal. We hope you find the information on this site useful and hope it empowers you to make the best decisions for you and your family. Contact us, a team that specializes in getting you back on track and successfully selling your home



I’m John Bradshaw, REALTOR
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This is the information I will need to start re-listing your home properly.

The Brit Brothers Team want to partner with you to help sell your home. To talk with us about what we think went wrong, and what we can do to assist you, in selling your home. Send us a message using the form below and we will contact you no later than next business day. Or call 239-224-0901 to speak with us directly.

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